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Who is it for?

If you want to inspire, persuade or lead people, you need advanced techniques that will increase your personal influence in your most important meetings and give you greater respect, stronger relationships and more rapport with the people you work with everyday.

Most people who book this course are managers or potential future leaders who need to become ambassadors of the company and strengthen their relationships at every meeting they attend.

You will learn how to be more effective in your daily interactions, with techniques to improve your personal impact in phone calls, one-to-one conversations, emails and important meetings.

What will you gain?

  • Create a more engaging and persuasive communication style, bringing to life everything you say with extra impact, influence, and authority
  • Learn to think on your feet, responding effectively to challenging people, tough situations and objections
  • Adapt your personal style and tailor what you say to give people exactly what they need from you
  • Interactive challenges to apply these techniques to the most important scenarios you deal with each day, including phone calls, boardroom meetings, emails and one-to-one conversations
  • Personal coaching on your style, so that you learn techniques that you can apply immediately, with proven results
  • A complete workbook and personal development plan to put everything into practise for lasting success

I wanted to say how FANTASTIC the course was last week. We learned so many useful things. The exercises were tailored to each person, something I particularly liked, creating instant improvements. The trainers were knowledgeable, confident and skilful at demonstrating everything they taught us. I would highly recommend the course and am really pleased we all had the opportunity to take part.

Claire Cassidy

Brand Manager, Eli Lilly

First Steps

Before we run this event for you, we want to get to know your needs and goals. This allows us to tailor the whole session to your people and your business.

We will meet with you and also ask everyone attending to complete a pre-event assessment, so that we understand their challenges and create an event that will give you the best possible results.

Your Workshop

The whole experience will be lively, interactive and practical, so that you learn as many new things as possible, while understanding exactly how to apply these to your daily work.

You will gain coaching in breakouts and have plenty of time to practise new skills, ask questions and build confidence in using everything as soon as you get back to work.

Follow-up Coaching

You can book extra support after your event, by arranging personal or virtual coaching for your team. We can boost your skills and help you through challenging situations that crop up.

You can achieve greater results quickly, through using a common language of techniques that you have learned and applying them to reach your goal.

What's included

Increase Your Influence

You will learn some of the most advanced techniques available for increasing your personal influence. They are so simple and effective you will see immediate results, with an opportunity to practise them straight away

Dynamic Communication

Learn the most effective physical and vocal choices that are proven to make your communication style more engaging, varied and dynamic, and increase your personal impact and gravitas

Telephone Types

If you work includes a lot of time on the phone, we'll show you how to build rapport with different personalities and styles on the phone, to ensure your message is heard, welcomed and interpreted the right way, increasing your personal impact

Practical Coaching

Apply everything you have learnt to the most important interactions you have at work. Our trainers will provide you with targeted coaching in breakout groups. This will give you a chance to practise what you have learnt and for our trainers to work with you to improve your techniques

Two Day Workshop in action

All of our courses will be tailored to your needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenges are and then create the best solution for you.

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