The Complete Dynamic Presenter

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Who is it for?

Complete your journey with Day 4 of the Dynamic Presenter Training. If you regularly present and rely on your speaking skills to lead, motivate and persuade people this is for you.

Clients usually book this 3-6 months after the Advanced Presenter, to keep growing the skills and reach the greatest results.

By taking the full 4-day course, you will reach an expert level of presenting that will help you influence people, make your ideas happen and let you achieve a lifetime of successful speaking.

What will you gain?

  • The Peak Performance Mindset enjoyed by successful athletes and performers around the world, to ensure you always perform at your best
  • The most powerful uses of rhetoric, used to create the most memorable and effective messages in history, which you can apply to your presentations
  • Stage presence and platform skills for high profile events and major audiences
  • Expert coaching to refine your technique
This was by far the best training I have experienced in 16 years as a trainer. Truly an outstanding course. Thank you so much.
Senior Trainer


Personal Tailoring

We will understand your needs and goals very well by this point and so the day will be tailored for you. Before the event we will talk through everything you have achieved so far, your aims, your company's goals and create a workshop that will support, challenge and boost your skills.

Peak Performance

Your workshop will include all of the lively and practical elements you expect from us, with a specific focus on raising your game so that you can speak confidently on any stage, with any audience, having complete confidence in your full range of skills.

Ongoing Support

Now that you've learned a full set of skills we can quickly work with you anytime that you present to refine and perfect your presentation at an expert level. We'll be here for you, face-to-face, online or on the phone to support your ongoing success.

What's included

The Essence

Capture your core message, with powerful rhetoric that inspires and compels listeners, based around giving the heart of your idea the greatest, lasting impact.

The Mindset

People who perform at their best often talk about 'getting in the zone' or achieving a state of 'flow'. Discover how the greatest athletes and performers achieve their best results, so that you are prepared for your most important events.

The Platform

Your style, energy and impact all need to shift and adapt dramatically based on the size of your stage, your audience and the goal for your message. Learn platform skills that allow you to win over an audience of any size, so that you own the stage instead of the stage owning you.

The Speaker

Beyond the techniques that everyone needs for success, you also need to master the art of bringing your personality and unique style to life at each presentation.

All of our courses will be tailored to your needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenges are and then create the best solution for you.

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