Team Dynamics

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Who is it for?

If you want your team to perform at their best and enjoy greater results on projects, pitches, or daily tasks, this course will show how to adapt your personal style to support the strengths and dynamics of your team.

You will develop a sense of flow in your work, increase communication, eliminate conflict and improve job satisfaction.

We teach techniques that will make everyone in your team feel valued, engaged and motivated to contribute. These invaluable skills will improve all your interactions – including your relationships with clients and suppliers.

Our trainers are licensed practitioners in Myers Briggs (MBTi) and Insights profiling, which we use in combination with Social Styles, Transactional Analysis and Strengths Finder tests to create a complete in-depth profile for your team.

What will you gain?

  • Know your strengths and stressors with a personal MBTi profile, so that you can anticipate and adapt to challenging situations
  • Complete a team dynamics plan to see how your style fits in with those around you
  • Increase your effectiveness as a team, by learning how best to support each other and how you can best serve the others
  • Learn how to easily avoid or resolve conflicts and build synergy within your team
  • Get targeted personal coaching so you can apply these methods to all of your most important interactions

The Body Talk team helped us prepare for a critical client presentation for a major contract. The coaching produced phenomenal results and in my view made a significant contribution towards us winning the contract, worth over £40 million.

Nick Harney

Vice President, Faithful + Gould

Discover Your Strengths

First you need to fully understand the skills and strengths that you have to bring to your team, how to apply these in critical situations and bring out the best in others

Building Your Team

Experience lively and practical challenges, as you discover how your style works in amongst the rest of your teams talents. Learn how to support each other so that the whole team becomes stronger and more adaptable to succeed in different situations

Prepare For Success

Once you are confident in your strengths and your team, then you will learn to apply all of your skills to specific upcoming events and projects, so that you are able to gain real world results and lasting success.

Popular Versions

Pitch Team Dynamics

If you are working towards an important pitch the dynamics of your team will be critical in convincing your client that you will deliver the very best results. We will enable your team to find the most effective way to work together, with each person supporting the group and playing to their strengths

Dynamic Leadership

Get the best from your team, by enhancing your leadership style so that you can motivate, lead and inspire those around you. By learning how to meet the needs of each person on your team – whether that’s for you to be a coach, mentor or leader, you will be able to develop the synergy you need for your team to be effective.

All of our courses will be tailored to your needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenges are and then create the best solution for you.

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