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Who is it for?

If you are preparing for a specific pitch you can get the edge over the competition and give your team the best chance for success with bespoke coaching from our award-winning team.

What will you gain?

We will cover every base to make your pitch engaging, powerful and memorable.

We will start with scripting and visuals, then coach you on delivery, question handling and team dynamics. Finally, we will run through a full rehearsal to make sure that your content is just right and your delivery is strong.

Your team will feel fully prepared, with a pitch that has the wow-factor, delivered in a persuasive communication style, ensuring you create the right impact and get the result that you deserve.

We heard last week that we have won the work that you did the pitch training for. Your work with the pitch team played a very important part in this win.

Kath Fallon

Business Development, Adelphi

Let's Get Started

As soon as you start work on an important pitch, give us a call.

We will work with your team to make sure you maximise your preparation time, giving you the right strategies for story and slide creation, as well as delivery techniques to hone as you prepare for the big day.

Ongoing Support

As you continue to research and build your pitch we will support you with personal and virtual coaching, helping you to stay focused on the elements that will give you the best chance for success.

Final Rehearsals

Before you meet your client it is critical that you do a full run-through with expert coaching. We will make sure that your team work effectively together, bringing your message to life, ensuring your slides fit the flow of your story and test out your question handling skills, with a complete, live practise before you deliver the real thing.

What's included

The Story

Compel your client to listen, with a powerfully shaped story that captures all of your ideas and captivates the listeners

Overcoming Objections

Most people become defensive or nervous in the face of tough questions. Discover how to handle these in a calm and persuasive way, building your relationship with your potential client.

Team Dynamics and Coaching

Know your strengths and work together to create the greatest impact on the client, as well as improving each person's performance through personal feedback and targeted coaching

Personal Impact and Influence

Your ideas won't speak for themselves. How you deliver the message will have a tremendous impact on your success. That's a big reason for pitches being done face-to-face. Make sure you know how to harness your natural style and increase your impact with proven techniques.

The Influence Study

All of our courses will be tailored to your needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenges are and then create the best solution for you.

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