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Who is it for?

Do you want to increase your presence, influence and personal impact, so that you can give compelling presentations and persuade people with your ideas?

If you have limited time for training, but you still want to gain a toolkit of skills for presentations, boost your confidence and ensure you make the best impact in your meetings then this session is for you.

You will gain a range of professional presentation skills in this highly interactive and practical workshop, which includes creating a dynamic communication style, effective scripting, handling objections and tough questions from your audience and bringing the whole thing together with compelling and memorable slides.

Please note there is no personal coaching involved in this session, however each person will have the opportunity to present and practise skills in small groups.

(If you do want personal coaching then take a look at our two-day workshop or personal coaching options.)

What will you gain?

  • Create a more dynamic communication style, with techniques used by professional speakers, actors and Presidents, to ensure you engage your audience and bring your ideas to life
  • Scripting and storytelling methods that make everything you say more persuasive and memorable - they are practical, proven and simple to apply back at work
  • Discover how to confidently handle challenging questions, building rapport and understanding with your audience and winning them around to your ideas
  • Make your slides compelling and memorable, avoiding the worst habits that so many people make, and increase the impact of your message by 550%
  • Experience interactive exercises that allow you to practise all of the techniques for yourself, in a lively, motivational group session
  • Learn simple strategies that allow you to look and feel more confident
  • Take away a complete 80-page workbook, filled with additional tips and recommended reading, to aid your learning and ensure longer lasting results
  • Watch free online videos to continue learning the skills after the training session

I really enjoyed the event - it was inspirational and highly motivational. I successfully changed bad habits I’ve had for years. I feel much more confident. I used your techniques at a team meeting and it really worked!

Laura Anderson

Development Manager, AXA PPP Healthcare


Discover the art and science behind great communication styles, including the foundation principles you must use in order to increase your personal impact, confidence and influence. You will practise these techniques through enjoyable group activities that allow you to feel exactly how to apply them for yourself.


Learn a powerful scripting system that you can use for every presentation, allowing you to quickly create a compelling story. Discover how to handle tough questions with confidence and make compelling slides, so that all of your ideas become more engaging and memorable.


You won't just learn the theory. You will get the opportunity to practise the techniques in lively activities that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to put everything into action when you get back to work.

What can you expect on the day?

Supportive Learning and Inspirational Activities

The session runs from 9am-5.30pm. You can arrive from 8.30am to enjoy tea and coffee and take your seat.

The training is highly interactive, so that you learn as much as possible and start trying out new techniques straight away.

You can relax knowing that you won’t be put on the spot. Instead, the whole group will try out activities together. You will then have the opportunity to practise skills in small groups, as you develop your skills.

You will have a complete workbook to use during the day, so that you can make notes on everything you are learning and maximise your long-term results. The atmosphere is always lively, relaxed and supportive, so that you can share the experience with the like-minded people around you.

Compelling, Practical Content

You will develop your personal business presentation style during the session, with practical activities, giving you techniques that you can use immediately back at work

You will also write a presentation, using the scripting techniques you’ll learn on the course, giving you everything you need to give presentations with greater confidence, impact and influence

If you have an important meeting coming up, or a challenging situation at work, you can use this example on the day to develop a script that will influence people, as well as thinking through how to handle their objections and bring the idea to life visually with compelling slide designs!

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