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Do you want to have more presence, authority and gravitas to deliver a powerful presentation? If you want to influence and persuade every audience and be more inspiring and engaging, we will show you how it’s done.

This is our flagship course that we have built our reputation on. It continually gains outstanding feedback and creates tremendous long-term results for our clients around the world.

To give you the very best results we have a 1:4 ratio, so that you will have one specialist trainer working with each 4 people who attend, so that you gain as much personal attention and coaching you need to feel fully confident in using all of the new skills that you will learn.


If you want coaching for yourself, or just a few people, you can join one of these open events where you will meet like-minded people and gain the full tool-kit of The Dynamic Presenter course, with lots of personal coaching.

Many people who attend give regular presentations and need to increase their influence, gravitas and have a stronger presence with their team or clients.

If you have just started giving presentations, or if you only present a couple of times per year, you will gain the advantage of learning the very best techniques that ensure you look and feel confident, putting you one step ahead in your career.


  • Advanced communication techniques for influence and persuasion, with examples from actors, Presidents and television presenters, that allow you to become a captivating speaker
  • Compelling scripting and storytelling techniques, that make everything you say more engaging and memorable
  • Strategies for overcoming challenging questions and objections, to win people around with respect and rapport
  • Avoid the common mistakes of poor visual aids, by learning how the experts use compelling slides, props and flip-charts to bring everything to life
  • Practise your new skills in front of an audience, with supportive coaching and feedback, allowing you to build new skills with confidence
  • Leave feeling inspired and motivated to use everything you have learned in your next presentation, with instant results
  • A workbook and personal development plan to help you gain lasting success

We absolutely love training our clients and seeing the results they achieve in a short period of time. This is our passion, not just our profession, and we believe the results that we achieve reflect the dedication we feel towards each person and company that we work with.

Richard Newman

Company Founder & Director

First Steps

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Before you attend you will complete a pre-event questionnaire, so that we know exactly what you want to achieve and we can deliver the best training for you as soon as the course starts. Simply let us know your goals and we will tailor the training to match your needs perfectly.


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This is a lively and interactive workshop, allowing you to learn new skills in an enjoyable, practical way. There will be one trainer for every four people attending, so that you can ask questions, explore how to use every techniques in your most important situations and gain plenty of personal practice and feedback.


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You will gain full confidence in all of your new skills, through five coaching sessions. These take place in small groups, allowing you to try out new techniques and gain supportive, personal feedback. Each session builds your skills further, so that by the end of the workshop you won't just know the theory. You will be ready and looking forward to the opportunity to use everything you have learned at your next presentation.

What's included

Dynamic Delivery

Learn the most effective physical and vocal choices that are proven to make your communication style more engaging and dynamic, to increase your personal impact and gravitas

Compelling Content

Keep your audience engaged with two powerful scripting systems. They will give you a simple framework to build every type of presentation and make complex information more compelling, persuasive and memorable

Visual Aids That Work

Many people use slides that are simply their notes and a ‘leave-behind-document’, which means they distract the audience with bullets and words. Learn how the experts use slides, flip charts and props to bring their message to life, making you a more compelling speaker

Overcoming Objections

Win over difficult people with the most effective system for handling tough questions and objections, allowing you to gain thinking time, build rapport with your audience and win respect for your ideas

Increase Your Influence

Learn how to make your style, script and slides work together, to increase your influence and persuasion skills, so that people take action on your ideas

Body Talk Workbook

This 76-page complete guide will take you through every step of the course, with illustrations that enhance your learning and memory of each technique. You will also use this to develop your personal development plan, to ensure your lasting success after the event

The Dynamic Presenter

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2 Day - The Complete Dynamic Presenter

29th and 30th June 2020

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2 Day - The Complete Dynamic Presenter

2nd & 3rd March 2020

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2 Day - The Complete Dynamic Presenter

27th and 28th April 2020

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