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If you are preparing for a conference the most important investment you can make is to book coaching for your speakers.

There is a huge amount of time and money spent on the organisation of an event, but it can all be for nothing if the speakers don't make an impact.

Whether you are a new or highly experienced presenter we will show you the advanced techniques that allow you shine on the stage, feeling confident and fully prepared, with powerful content and a delivery style that is perfect for your message, your venue and your audience.


  • Platform skills - learn how to communicate to a larger audience, making the best use of your stage and venue, ensuring the whole room is engaged by your ideas
  • Scripting that works - avoid using poor notes or reading from your slides, by having a powerful script and story that flows through your presentation, allowing you to easily remember what to say and keeping your audience captivated all the way through
  • Confidence - most people get nervous before a big event, so learn how to stay calm and focused, ready to perform at your best when you want to

The feedback from our international speakers was excellent - they all sharpened their presentation techniques and also feel ready to present to any audience in their home countries after the event. We look forward to working with Body Talk again.

Tamani Gubhein

Hikma Pharmaceuticals

All Of Our Courses Will Be Tailored To Your Needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenegs are and then create the best solution for you.

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Script and Story

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Before your event we will work through the content to make sure your message is clear, concise and memorable. We can do this at your office, then give you continued virtual support as you craft a compelling script



Your ideas can fall flat, unless you learn to project your message to the whole audience. Discover the advanced techniques for using your voice, a microphone and a large stage to captivate people with your words



Many conferences fail through showing endless slides full of text, or pointless pictures. We'll show you how to combine your style, story and slides to create the most lasting impression, so that people walk away remembering what they heard and ready to take action

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Two Weeks Before

To get the best results we recommend working with your speakers around two weeks before the event. This means they will know roughly what they want to say at the event, but they still have enough time to change the content, slides and practise their delivery.

Virtual Ongoing Support

We can continue to work with speakers, shaping the story, giving advice on slide design and virtual coaching on voice projection and delivery, leading up to the event

The Day Before

We highly recommend that you allow time for your speakers to gain coaching at the venue. This allows them to have a final full rehearsal and make any last changes that ensure the success of your event

The Big Day!

If you are using a stage, with lighting, sound and a large screen, you should give every speaker time to do a technical rehearsal on the stage, with coaching to ensure their message and delivery fills the room, overcoming any issues with the slides and sound, so that they look fantastic when the audience finally arrives. We can also stay with you to calm any nerves before each speaker gives their talk

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