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Some keynote speakers simply give a ‘sit and listen’ talk to your audience. They may offer good ideas, but your audience are left unchanged. What if you could have the whole audience captivated and engaged in lively activities as they learn practical, proven tools to improve their performance?

Let us inspire, motivate, entertain and educate your group, so that they leave your event ready to increase their results and drive your business forward.

WHat can we do for you?

If you book one of our popular masterclass sessions your audience will enjoy learning important strategies, have fun and discover advanced communication skills from your expert motivational speaker.

We regularly speak at events all over the world. We have shared the stage with a wide range of speakers including the Secretary General of NATO, the President of the Red Cross and Cherie Blair.

If you let us know what the key themes and goals of your event are we will create a session that is perfectly tailored for you.

High energy, fabulous delivery, fantastic session. Insightful, totally entertaining as well as educational – brilliant content. The average score was 9.7 (10 being the highest) from the entire audience!

Don Hales

Chairman, Awards International

All Of Our Courses Will Be Tailored To Your Needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenegs are and then create the best solution for you.

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Impact and Influence

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Do you want to have more presence, authority and influence to persuade people with your ideas? Discover how a tiny shift in your body language and voice can increase your impact and influence, with examples from actors, TV presenters and Presidents. This lively, energising session will show you how to apply these strategies at work every day.


RM 164

Discover how to make complex ideas compelling, bring your ideas to life and persuade people to take action. Learn the story-telling secrets used by great business communicators like Steve Jobs and put it all into practise on your most important business messages.

P.I.T.C.H. To Win

RM 127

Stand out from the competition with five advanced strategies that capture people's attention and make your ideas memorable, then work in small teams on a pitch competition to challenge you to put it all to the test!

What's included

Tailored for your team

We'll talk to you about your goals for your event and your wider business goals, to make sure you get real results from the session when people apply the strategies back at work

From one hour to a full day

We can run a masterclass events for you that ranges from one hour to a multi-day conference, including breakout coaching so that everyone can get involved and gain personal attention and feedback from our team. Tell us what you would like to achieve and we'll work around your agenda, creating the best possible solution for the audience size and the time you have available

Inspire your team