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From our office in the U.K. we help clients around the world to make their ideas happen.

It all began with monks and Formula 1 racing...

People often ask how we got started. It began back in September 1995 when I flew off to India to live in a Tibetan monastery, to teach English to monks.

The big challenge was that the monks didn't speak any English when I arrived, so we couldn't communicate with words. We had to rely purely on non-verbal communication. Over six months I taught them all how to speak English, using my body language and tone of voice. I was amazed and inspired by the experience.

When I got back to the UK, I continued to study these advanced communication skills and began searching for expert trainers in communication and story-telling to join the team. Soon we gained a fantastic opportunity to put these skills into practice with our first major client, a well-known Formula 1 racing team.

They wanted our help to deliver presentations and host meetings for their VIP sponsors and clients. They gave us a 20-page script of technical information to deliver on their behalf. We then hosted over 1000 meetings and presentations for them. Every time we delivered this same script, we aimed to improve the impact by applying new techniques. Over five years, we discovered, tested and honed a complete tool-kit of skills that would work with every audience, from every industry and cultural background.

Word of mouth about our work began to spread and we got a call from the BBC wanting us for a TV project.

The work snowballed and soon our team of trainers were in charge of training the medical experts from 21 countries at an international conference in Prague. Other highlights have included coaching celebrities for TV interviews, training teams to win huge client contracts, and helping people to get job promotions, lead their company and build their personal confidence.

We now work with around 7000 people per year, around the world, from many different industries. We are based in the UK, but 70% of our work is international. Wherever you are located, we can deliver the results you want.

The map at the top of this page shows a selection of the locations we have worked in, along with links to videos we have created to keep you inspired. Our clients often tell us they tried to use local suppliers, but they simply couldn’t achieve the same level of results, which is why they fly us around the world to work with them.

We would love the opportunity to help you achieve the results that you want.

We absolutely love training our clients and seeing the results they achieve in a short period of time. This is our passion, not just our profession, and we believe the results that we achieve reflect the dedication we feel towards each person and company that we work with.

Richard Newman

Company Founder & Director

Media Interviews and articles

You can often find us in the media, talking about speeches, leadership comunication, story-telling and political elections. Get in touch if you would like us to speak to you.

Our People

Our specialist team are dedicated to giving you the very best training experience and results. They have a vast range of experience in advanced communication, psychology, story-telling, client relationships and events, so you can rest assured you have the best people supporting you.



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Our charities

We have always shared our profits with charities that we believe in. We focus on helping women and children gain food and shelter, as well as an education in skills that will help support them and their family for a lifetime.

AfriKids is an internationally award-winning child rights and community development organisation, working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty. They help to put big smiles on little faces. We have supported them for over ten years.
You can find out more here.

Room To Read envision a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world. They focus on two areas where they believe can have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education. They work with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the life skills they’ll need to succeed in school and beyond.
You can find out more here.

Our founder, Richard Newman, lived with Tibetan monks for six months back in 1995, teaching them English. Their head monk, Paljor, set up a school for children living in a deprived and remote area. Body Talk are proud to support the school by paying the teacher's salaries and the maintenance of the school building for 120 children.
You can find out more here.