Media Skills Coaching

Getting your message across in the media has never been more important. Your words and ideas can quickly be shared around the world, so it is critical to get your communication style, content and responses right, with expert coaching.


If you need to speak to the media and handle challenging issues, or if you simply present to camera and take part in video-conferences, you need to learn the technical skills that will allow you to succeed.

You can have coaching with a small group from your company, or book personal coaching just for yourself. This will be tailored for you, based on your goals, including all of the main areas where you need to perform at your best.


Although the course will be tailored for you, these are the most popular options that our clients usually work with us on:

  • How to take charge of the story, through creating a simple and compelling script and powerful sound-bites, so that you give the media what they need from you
  • Discover how to deal with the technical challenges in a TV studio, on radio, presenting on camera, or simply speaking to a journalist on the phone, so that you create the right impact every time
  • Learn advanced communication techniques that ensure your personal communication style is more effective on screen or radio, avoiding the common mistakes people make, so that you stand out for the right reasons
  • Find out how to handle the most challenging questions, staying calm and confident under pressure, while making sure your message is heard

I thought it was an absolutely wonderful event, my head was buzzing when I left. The skills learnt on the day have taken off a whole layer of anxiety for me. The delivery was fantastic and I will be recommending Body Talk to all of my colleagues.

Rebecca Datta

London College of Communication

All Of Our Courses Will Be Tailored To Your Needs

We will work with you to create the best training for your team. We will get to know your company, what your goals and challenegs are and then create the best solution for you.

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Create Your Message

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You must be clear on what story you want to tell, before you speak to the media. This allows you to lead the conversation and include all of your most important messages.

Create a specific script for upcoming interviews, as well as learning foundations that will let you craft any new story in the future.

Live Interview Practise

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Work through TV, radio, location and studio interviews, to make sure you are confident in every interview situation, mastering the technical skills and style you need for success

Expert Coaching

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Build your confidence, through ongoing coaching with personal feedback on the areas you need to focus on for the best results in every type of media

Studio Coaching

For the best results, we recommend using a professional studio, so that you can experience all of the technical equipment, lighting and sound with an opportunity to see the results on screen, as well as watching your colleagues action

Need help at short notice?

We can also come to your office to help you prepare for urgent media interviews. We'll create the story, work through questions, coach you on delivery style and give you tips on technical issues, clothing, make-up and confidence, so that you seem calm and perform at your best under pressure.

We are often featured in the media ourselves and have team members who spent many years working as journalists, so you will gain expert, real world advice

Richard Newman

Founder and Director, Body Talk