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We genuinely love the work that we do, we care very much about our clients, our team and looking after each other. When people join us they say they have never experienced a company culture like ours, which we are really proud of.

We are passionate about each event that we run and are always delighted to see the fantastic results that our clients achieve.

Client Relationships

If you have experience in supporting clients, understanding what they need, creating the perfect solution for them and exceeding expectations, then we would love to hear from you.

We are not a 'salesy' company. We believe in caring about our clients, building a relationship with them, giving them an exceptional experience and long-lasting results. By doing this we have built a reputation that we are proud of. Get in touch if you would like to help us support our clients.

Training Team

We get many people applying for this area, but we are very selective about who joins our training team. We need to make sure that you are the perfect match for us and have the right level of expertise to give our clients extraordinary results. For every person we hire we usually get around 400 applications, interview 50, then give a few people a short trial, before we choose the right person.

This is followed by 18 months when you will be learning our methodology, by observing, rehearsing and supporting events, before you are ready to take the lead (even if you have been a trainer for many years, you will discover advanced ways of doing things, that we have developed across 1000s of events). You will be paid throughout the journey and learn a huge range of skills. This makes sure that you are fully confident and highly skilled in all of the areas that we teach, before you look after your own events.

We usually look for an experienced professional actor, or broadcast journalist, who enjoys teaching and coaching people to perform at their best. If you also have knowledge of psychology or multiple languages that will be a huge advantage.

Unlike most training companies, we do not work with casual associates. You will need to work exclusively with us for corporate training, presentation skills and events, so please keep this in mind. Do not apply if you have your own presentation company or ongoing relationships with other training providers. In return we will give you regular work on a range of different events each month, working with a friendly and highly talented team, doing work that we hope you will be immensely proud of! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to work with you for many years into the future.

We absolutely love training our clients and seeing the results they achieve in a short period of time. This is our passion, not just our profession, and we believe the results that we achieve reflect the dedication we feel towards each person and company that we work with.

Richard Newman

Company Founder & Director

Our values

We want to make sure that you love coming to work. To do this, we hire people who have the same values as us. That way we know you will excel in your role and stay with us for many years.


We want to give everything we can to the people we work with. We give all the time and energy we can to make every event a success. We give extra support to the people on our team, beyond a 'job description' whenever they need us. We give to charities that we care about. We always do everything we can to give people amazing results.


Life is too short to just show up to a job you don't like and 'get through the day'. This company was built on a passion for serving others, giving life to their ideas and caring passionately about the people we work with. 10 out of 10 isn't enough for us. We hire people who passionately go beyond what clients expect, because they love the results that clients get from working with us.


We treat everyone as a real person, going beyond the professional facade and building a relationship through trust, caring and understanding. We are proud to have been short-listed for Best Employer of the Year by WorkingMums, thanks to our commitment to giving people the time and flexibility to be with their family when they need to be. We also treat our team like family and have many clients who have become great friends through years of shared adventures.

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Come and join our passionate team, do work that you care about, give clients confidence as well as new, empowering skills and help them to make their ideas happen.

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